Basic Diamond Lace Edging

lace_basic_mediumMy little crawler/cruiser needed some shorties for the spring (I have faith it will come one day). The colorway is perfect for a little one who will be getting dirty as she explores her world. I also wanted to see how a lace edging would work out on her shorties. The lace would be easier to see if it were done in a solid color. I’m still happy with the results. It’s one of those little touches that brings delight to my heart, even if others (non-knitters perhaps) don’t appreciate it. I love to see what I’ve made on my little ones.

The edging is very easy to work and is suitable for just about any project you want to put it on. The only things to keep in mind are that the edging is worked directly onto the project, not knit separately and then sewn on. This means that you must make sure that your number of stitches is divisible by 9. The edging takes  10 rounds to complete, plus the bind off.

The chart shows only right side rows/rounds. To work in the round, knit all even numbered rounds, to work flat, purl all even numbered rows. Row 10 is not shown, but you still need to work it! ;-)


Bind of as follows: p2, slip  both sts back onto left needle, p2tog, *p1, slip both sts back to left needle, p2tog*.

I hope you enjoy this simple edging. It gives a nice diamond pattern.



  1. Annika

    You have something to pick up in my blog. . . .

  2. Margo

    Love the new ruffle edge! Cute!

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