Circular Knitting Needle Holder

*This post taken from my old blog. Original writing July 2008.

You know that really ugly tie you wish your main man didn’t have? Well here’s an excellent way to put it to good use while ensuring that he will not be wearing it ever again.


OK, seriously, you can use any tie. Even a nice one. You can go to the thrift store and find one that’s got some personality.

I was looking for a quick way to get my circular knitting needles organized and this tie in my husbands closet caught my eye (how could it not right?). I sewed straight across the the tie (the front and the back together) several times about 1″ apart. Viola! No hemming, no cutting, not even any pinning. You could get fancy and embroider the needle sizes on the front if you want to. One could even snip the tie at the top and make a button hole and add a button if you needed it to come apart. Or you could add hook & loop (Velcro).

Here’s the back




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  1. Kim

    Oh what a great idea! I’ll have to get a tie and try it. I hate having my circulars all over the place lol.

  2. Michelle Ashley

    Hi Amber

    Wow..I love your idea!
    It’s an innovative way to place together all my
    circular knitting needles.
    I will gonna try this..=)

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore

    Just made a couple. With keeping the loops small it is holding regular knitting needles, crochet hooks and circular needles. Also, I put a D ring at the top so it hangs on the wall flat. One I’m giving as an xmas pressie and one is for myself. Next I’ll make bigger loops and hang it in my closet to hold my head bands (could work for scarves too). Thanks for the idea!

  4. Tracie

    lol…. that is an awesome idea! :)

  5. Danaƫ


    What a wonderful idea. I have been needing something like this but my sewing machine is broken. This seems like it wouldn’t be too much of a chore to sew by hand.

  6. Amber

    I think it would be a great hand sewing project.

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