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I’ve had this little bonnet pattern sitting on my shelf for over a year! Wow, where does the time go?! The bonnet is named Heidi Bonnet because I created this bonnet with my dear friend Heidi in mind. She was pregnant with her first daughter and I wanted a precious hand knit to give as a gift. Thankfully, she loved it! I hope you will also enjoy the Heidi Bonnet. It’s a quick and fun knit.




Amber Perry Patterns
Heidi Bonnet


Skill Level
Beginner/Advanced Beginner

Yarn Requirements  
Worsted Weight

Newborn (birth – 3 mo)  baby in bonnet
Small (3mo – 9 mo)
Medium (9 mo – 3 yrs)
Large (3-5+ yrs)
Sizes are approximate as head size can vary from child to child. This bonnet does have a nice stretch but it is usually wisest to go larger rather than smaller if you are not sure.
4.5 sts = 1” with US 8 needles or needles required to obtain correct gauge. Smaller needles (see below) should be 3 sizes smaller than needles used to achieve gauge. Work gauge swatch in stockinette st.

Needles and Notions
US size 5 needles
US size 8 needles
Tapestry needle

Pattern Notes
Bonnet is worked flat in one piece from front to back. I-cord ties or ribbon is added after the bonnet body is complete.


kfb = knit one stitch through the front and the back (increase)
k2tog = knit two stitches together (decrease)

© 2012 Amber Perry. All Rights Reserved.
Pattern is for home/personal use not retail or resale.
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs2.5


With larger needles, using long tail method, CO 90(100,110,130) sts.
K 3(3, 5, 5) rows.
Begin Stitch Pattern

Row 1: With smaller needles, *k2tog* (45, 50, 55, 65 sts)
Row 2-3: K
Row 4: With larger needles, *kfb* (91,100,110,130 sts)
Rows 5-9: Knit in stockinette st (purl wrong side rows, knit right side rows)
Repeat these rows 3(4, 5, 7) more times.


Working the Back

Set up row: With larger needles, *k2tog* (45 sts)
Row 1 and all other odd rows are knit
Row 2: *k 7, k2tog*
Row 4: *k 6, k2tog*
Row 6: *k 5, k2tog*
Row 8: *k 4, k2tog*
Row 10: *k 3, k2tog*
Row 12: *k 2, k2tog*
Row 14: *k 1, k2tog*
Row 16: * k2tog*

Set up row: With larger needles, *k2tog* (50 sts)
Row 1 and all other odd rows are knit
Row 2: *k 8, k2tog*
Row 4: *k 7, k2tog*
Row 6: *k 6, k2tog*
Row 8: *k 5, k2tog*
Row 10: *k 4, k2tog*
Row 12: *k 3, k2tog*
Row 14: *k 2, k2tog*
Row 16: *k 1, k2tog*
Row 18: * k2tog*

Set up row: With larger needles, *k2tog* (55 sts)
Row 1 and all other odd rows are knit
Row 2: *k 9, k2tog*
Row 4: *k 8, k2tog*
Row 6: *k 7, k2tog*
Row 8: *k 6, k2tog*
Row 10: *k 5, k2tog*
Row 12: *k 4, k2tog*
Row 14: *k 3, k2tog*
Row 16: *k 2, k2tog*
Row 18: *k 1, k2tog*
Row 20: * k2tog*

Set up row: With larger needles, *k2tog* (65 sts)
Row 1 and all other odd rows are knit
Row 2: *k 11, k2tog*
Row 4: *k 10, k2tog*
Row 6: *k 9, k2tog*
Row 8: *k 8, k2tog*
Row 10: *k 7, k2tog*
Row 12: *k 6, k2tog*
Row 14: *k 5, k2tog*
Row 16: *k 4, k2tog*
Row 18: *k 3, k2tog*
Row 20: *k 2, k2tog*
Row 22: *k 1, k2tog*
Row 24: *k2tog*

All Sizes
Break yarn leaving long tail for sewing. Thread yarn onto a tapestry needle. Thread needle through remaining sts and seam back of bonnet.

I-Cords pick up 3 sts along front edge before ruffle and work I-Cord for approximately 12”. Repeat on other side.

Weave in any loose ends. Block bonnet making sure that ruffle is folded back to ensure the ruffle stands upright after blocking.
I hope you have enjoyed this pattern. Sales of items made from this pattern are allowed, republication of this pattern is not. I do appreciate the mention of Amber Perry Patterns as the author of the pattern when selling items constructed from it.

The pattern is also available on Ravelry if you would like to keep it in your Ravelry library. The PDF can be downloaded here. This blog along with my pattern sales are my small contribution to our family income. I am the stay at home mother of our five homeschooled children. I always appreciate when you share my blog, my Etsy shop, and of course support my pattern sales. And let’s face it – clicking on ads here on the blog never hurts either. Thank you so very much; I so love being able to share my patterns with you!




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  1. Ana

    Do you have the pattern for the pink baby hat on the top of this page?

  2. Amber

    Yes, that is my Elizabeth Bonnet pattern. It is available on Ravelry, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/elizabeth-bonnet-2 , and also in my Etsy shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/APerryPatterns?section_id=12114549.

  3. Deb DeCastro Braak

    I love this bonnet! If I wanted to do the ruffle in a contrasting color, where would you suggest making the color switch? Thanks!

  4. Amber

    You would begin with your contrasting color and change to the main color at Begin Pattern Stitch. The bonnet is worked from the ruffle to the back.

  5. Deb DeCastro Braak

    Fantastic — can’t wait to get started! Thanks. :-)

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