Free Butt Knits Sleep Sack Pattern

sleep_sack_e2_mediumWhen I was pregnant with my fifth child I thought I would try out a wool sleep sack. I had not known about them until then (shocking I know). The result was the beautiful sleep sack you see in the picture.

I have posted the pattern as a free pattern on the Butt Knits website. The pattern includes options for the ruffled edging with drawstring or a ribbed edging. The lower drawstring is optional for both. The pattern is equally suited for boys or girls. I hope you enjoy the pattern!

I have been asked a few times where I bought the yarn I used. It is merino worsted weight yarn from Lazy Perry Ranch by Epicurious. The yarn is so gorgeous that I frogged the sleep sack when my daughter outgrew it so that I can use it again! I am thinking about using it to make her some Biker Babe shorties (here on Ravelry) this summer.

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