Free Pattern: Cast Sock

If you make the sock, I would LOVE to have a picture of it on a foot with a cast! My friend lives in another state so I have not actually been able to see it on a casted foot.

Having a dear friend in a leg & foot cast for all of November & part of December, I thought I would try to help keep those toes warm. Wool makes the absolute best socks in my humble opinion. Warm, breathable, soft…just perfect for keeping toes warm. The sock is designed with an eyelet round and a drawstring in order to keep the sock on. Once the drawstring is tied, the cuff is folded over to cover the bow. Another option to keep the sock on would be to use slipper bottom non-slip paint on the inside of the body of the sock. In this case, the sock could be made shorter, leaving off the fold over cuff. If you really love knitting ribbing, the sock is stretchy enough to go over a cast, so you could also just keep right on knitting to the desired length & the sock could be pulled over the cast past the heel (think tube sock).

This pattern is pithy & written for an experienced sock knitter (just one pair of socks counts!). Fits average adult man’s foot. For a smaller foot, I suggest the following changes; CO 10 sts each needle, increase every round until 26 sts (52 sts total), then inc every other round to 30 sts (60 sts total)

Yarn: Fingering Weight
Needles: US 1 DPNs or long circular for magic loop

Using the figure 8 cast on, CO 12 sts on each of two needles (24 sts total) and knit 2 rounds, being sure to mark the beginning of the round. Divide sts evenly onto four needles if using DPNs.
Round 3: *kfb, k to last 2 sts on needle, kfb, k1*, repeat from * to * on 2nd needle.
Repeat round 3 until 36 sts on each needle (72 sts total).
Finish toe increases as follows until 40 sts are on each needle (80 sts total);
Round 1: knit
Round 2: repeat round 3
Begin ribbing by establishing a k2, p2 pattern. Continue ribbing until sock measures 6″ total (including toe)
Work eyelet round as follows: *k2, p2, yo*
Work decrease round: *k2, p1, p2tog*
Continue working ribbing for 2-3″ (I worked it 2″ but will work it 3″ in the future)
Bind off with sewn bind off, weave in ends.


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