Free Washcloth/Dishcloth Pattern

*This post taken from my old blog. Original writing April 2009.

I have long loved this stitch pattern and thought it would make a cute dishcloth. The larger cloth, measuring 10″ x 7″, I use for a dishcloth. The smaller cloth, measuring 9″ x 6.5″, I added a shell edging to and will use as a washcloth for our new baby. Either way it’s a quick and fun knit. The optional edging is crocheted on.

One important note; this pattern must be knit with either long double point needles or a circular needle as you slide the stitches to one end or the other depending on which color is needed.

I knit this up myself and have not had it test knit. Please let me know right away if you think you have found an error.

PDF Pattern Link


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  1. Daryl Perry

    I am a knitter and quilter who stumbled onto your blog. The funny thing is my daughter’s name is Amber Perry (although her last name changed after she married). I’ll have to tell her about you. I tried to teach her to knit, she didn’t really do much, but her knitting and tension were just beautiful, so maybe some day she’ll want to knit.

  2. Amber

    I don’t have a picture of what the back looks like. It’s not attractive enough to be a scarf though (in my opinion).

  3. Kathleen Pelley

    I really like that pattern.

  4. Bethany

    Thank you for such a beautiful pattern! Is the cast on done with color A or B? I’m anxious to give it a try! Thanks!

  5. Amber

    Cast on with A.

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