Homemade Dry Shampoo Review

shaker of dry shampoo I recently tried dry shampoo and I was so pleased that I thought I’d share the information. I used the recipe for dry shampoo found here.  I went to Target, Home Goods, and Walmart looking for a shaker like the one pictured. I did not find one. The closest I got was a parmesan cheese shaker that I found at Walmart for $1.97. The holes on this shaker are large enough to easily get the shampoo out and onto my hair. I used the recipe as it was written, but I doubled it. This gave enough to completely fill my little shaker.

Normally if I don’t wash my hair, it will be oily near the scalp, especially around my face. On day one after washing. So I was excited about an option that would possibly let me go longer without washing my hair. I have mixed feelings on shampoo products. They seem to be a necessary evil in my life.

I washed my hair normally on Friday morning. On Saturday morning I took my shaker of dry shampoo out onto our back deck. I figured that with my long locks, it was going to be messy.  After brushing my hair, I shook the shampoo on and worked it into the roots as directed. I made sure to get the areas close to my face and around my ears. I used a natural bristle brush to brush it out. It was indeed messy brushing the shampoo out. I don’t see myself ever doing this inside our house. I also had to frequently tap the brush or run my hand over the bristles to get the shampoo out of the brush. I brushed & brushed and I’m glad I did. I LOVE the results! I will be dry shampooing for many years to come I’m sure. It’s very cheap, it’s easy on the hair (as far as I can tell), and it gives great results!

I am so pleased with my dry shampooed hair! My hair is very thin and it’s committed to being straight as a board. This leads to rather boring hair dos in my humble opinion. I know it’s the style for some, but when it’s the only style you can mange, it gets old. The dry shampoo makes my hair behave as if it’s thicker. I can back comb it, I can muss it up…and it stays! I do use a little bit of freezing spray if I really want it to stay as I have it.  I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out styles from these pages on Cup Of Jo’s blog. I feel like I have new hair, hair that I love!

dry shampooed hair

My freshly "washed" hair.

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