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Cloth Diaper How To: Snap Placement for Side Snap Diapers & Covers


    Here are some very basic guidelines if you would like to make your cloth diapers with side snaps.           I use the cloth diaper & diaper cover patterns available from Amber Perry Patterns on Etsy. I start by placing the snaps on the front …

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Types of Cloth Diapers

longies & soaker

  There are lots of diapering products out there, but they can all be put into a few main categories. Each one has its good points. What you choose to use is really up to you. In the beginning it may be a good idea to try out different options. We have five …

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How To Wash Cloth Diapers


    There are about as many cloth diaper washing routines out there as there are diapering options. ┬áSo, I will tell you the two most popular methods and you can try them both to see what works best for you and your baby. If you are interested in sewing your own cloth …

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Cloth Diaper How To: Back Opening Pocket


    This style of pocket is more of an intermediate project. This tutorial shows an All-In-One pocket being sewn. To make a fitted diaper pocket you will follow the same instructions except you will have absorbent fabric in place of the PUL.     I use the cloth diaper pattern available …

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