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37 Things You Must…think for yourself…surviving prepping.


Moms have a lot to worry about. Lately the issue of “prepping” has been more prevalent in the news and on social media. Whether it’s the Zombie Apocalypse or Hurricane Sandy. I’ve seen a lot of lists and heard some radio ads for items you MUST have in order to be properly prepared for …

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I LOVE Blogilates!


I just have to share about Cassey Ho and her amazing POP Pilates/Blogilates. I first found her on Youtube while looking for some fun and doable exercise videos. Cassey is just what I needed! Her videos are excellent! The right amounts of fun and exercise. I am a worn out, homeschooling, mother of five.  …

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Homemade Dry Shampoo Review

shaker of dry shampoo

 I recently tried dry shampoo and I was so pleased that I thought I’d share the information. I used the recipe for dry shampoo found here.  I went to Target, Home Goods, and Walmart looking for a shaker like the one pictured. I did not find one. The closest I got was a …

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Homemade Emergency Canned Heat


I’ve been offline for a few days due to a huge storm hitting West Virginia. We lost power at 4:23 am on Saturday morning. We had power restored at 11 am on Monday. It was a long few days. We were able to stay in our house. Thankfully no pipes broke and there were no …

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